Game Day Fashion – Look #1

As a true southern belle, I know Saturday’s in the south are about one thing and one thing only: Football! Every Saturday, I always cook a massive spread of food! I love the classics of hot wings, burgers, jalapeno poppers, cheese dip, casseroles, and today I already have a big Boston butt going in the crock pot. Yum yum!

My team was chosen for me before I was even born, and I was blessedly born into an Alabama family! Roll Tide Roll! We have more national championships than any other team by a long shot, we are already killing it this season with each game scoring over 50 points! TUA! TUA! Whooooo!

Ah, sorry, got a little carried away there.

But seriously, I’m a mega fan. I never miss a game. On top of the food and the cheering and the friends and family, one of my favorite things about game day is the FASHION! Southern girls do football right! No simple t-shirts and jeans here! No, southern girls make their game day attire one of the best fashion statements of the year! You see adorable dresses, cute rompers, stylish boots, perfect accessories and don’t forget your shaker!


For Alabama girls, the color scheme includes crimson, white, black, gray and houndstooth of course! Thank you Bear Bryant for giving us that perfect pattern (as well as all the wins and championships)! I love to mix up the colors in outfits and always have some sort of elephant jewelry to match. This is one of my favorite game day outfits! It’s a throwback to 2 years ago when a couple of our best friends got married in T-town on game day and used a tailgate as their wedding reception (not kidding!) it was a BLAST! So of course I had to do it up that day. As always, the outfit was comfortable! That’s always a must for me! It was a bit chilly that day so I went with a long sleeve shirt and added the tights. Wearing the black tights with my black booties made my legs look a mile long, which is something for a girl who only stands at 5’3.

The ENTIRE outfit came from Amazon and was less than $75!! Yes, I love it! It came in within 2 days! That’s hard to beat with game day gear! I will link everything up below as well as some similar options that I just found that are CRAZY CUTE!

Soooo Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer Give em Hell Alabama!!!! RTR!


Houndstooth Skater Skirt | Crimson Shirt | Black Tights | Black Booties

Alternate Houndstooth Skirt | Alternate Booties

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