American Eagle and Express Try On

After the zoo the other day, I decided to pop into a couple if stores to see what they had! I desperately needed some more jeans and wanted to add some sweaters to my wardrobe. : )

I found some cute offerings so I’m linking those up here as well as some great similar options!

I first tried on THIS plaid top and these JEANS. I loved them both and they ended up coming home with me. The top is crazy soft and its a plaid that doesn’t clash with my red hair and doesn’t make me feel like I should be working the farm. There’s plenty of length in the back, though not enough to wear with leggings, and it looks great tucked or tied in front. The jeans are nice and stretchy and super comfy. I’m wearing an XS top and size 0 short in jeans. I also found this similar top online for 1/2 price!

I paired that outfit with this super cute black puffer vest. It was nice and thin and didn’t make me feel like the Michelan man! The only reason I didn’t get this vest is because I found a very similar one for half price HERE, and you know this girl loves a bargain! I also cannot find the vest on Express’ website to link, so definitely go with the one above from Amazon!

I also tried on this cute camo tee. I have been looking for a good one so wanted to see how this fit. I felt it was a bit too big for my 5’3 frame and it had a deep V-neck, so I was concerned it would show a bit too much. I did think it would be cute tied up though (as shown in the first picture). I found this similar option on Amazon that i’m going to order!

I popped into American Eagle next looking for a particular sweater I had seen online. I didn’t find it there, but I did find a lot of other cute options like this gingham peplum long-sleeved top. I loved all the feminine detailing. It had tiny little buttons at the neck and I loved that the sleeves tapered at the wrist. It looks great with jeans and boots. I unfortunately could not locate that online, but linked up some similar options HERE and HERE.

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I tried on this oversized waffle knit sweater next and holy moly did not want to take it off! It was soooo comfy and soft. I also found this cute off the shoulder option! I paired it with this cute denim skirt I saw in store. Every girl should have a denim skirt in their closet, seriously so versatile for outfits! HERE is another skirt I found online (and its eligible for Amazon Wardrobe! ie. free try-ons!)

I tried on this green waffle knit next (which ended up coming home with me). It had that same crazy soft texture, but fit a little slimmer, which is better for my frame. I’m definitely going to be wearing this one A LOT this fall! And that color! Omg, I love it!!

The last piece I tried on was this beautiful baby blue turtleneck (which I know you can’t see because of my phone placement. Sorry, guys!) It is a perfect piece to wear alone or layer and i’m a sucker for blue. This top also came home with me. I found THIS similar option for 1/2 price as well!

Because I’m always getting asked, HERE is the link for those booties i’m always wearing. They are my fave because I can wear them and walk in them all day long and my feet don’t hurt at all! Plus I can even chase kids in them! Yay! And HERE is the link to my gold Fitbit band I love so much!

If you have any other questions about what I tried on, drop em below! A reminder for y’all: I’m 5’3 and 113 pounds. You are looking at these styles on a petite woman. If you are taller, they will definitely fit differently on you. Thanks again!

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