Gift Guides for HIM and HER under $50

The holidays are such a fun, exciting and EXPENSIVE time of year. The average shopper spends around $929 on gifts! This is great on the economy, but rough on our wallets. A lot of American’s even admit going into debt just to purchase Christmas presents. Now, i’m all for buying your lady that handbag she’s been eyeballing all year or getting your hubby the Yeti cooler that he says he absolutely NEEDS for fishing, but there are also plenty of great gift ideas that won’t kill your budget!

In this blog post, I have comprised a list of the best gifts for him and her under $50. You would be shocked to know how many fun and desirable items are in that price point! Many of these gift ideas are tested and approved by my own family and friends. So to get started, how about ladies first.

Gift Ideas for Her:

  1. A Plush Blanket. I don’t know a single female that doesn’t adore blankets. Couch sitting and blankets kind of go hands in hand for women. I have about a dozen, but its still not enough. I will always be happy to receive a blanket! I absolutely LOVE this one, because its soft and plush, the neutral color will go with all decor, and its completely Instagram worthy! At only $25, it won’t break the bank either.her3
  2. Swig Wine Tumbler: These are crazy popular items! I have personally given them as gifts to so many ladies in my life, but I also get an abundance of requests from my monogram customers to personalize them for others. They come in a stunning array of colors and are so beautiful and practical too. These stainless steel tumblers keep your wine at the perfect temperature and have a lid to prevent spillage (my white couches love this). They are perfect for parties, tailgating and picnics. Plus I don’t use mine just for wine. They are great for beer or cocktails as well. At less than $20, this would be a perfect stocking stuffer!her2
  3. Kendra Scott Necklace: Everyone who has not been living life under a rock, has heard of the jewelry brand Kendra Scott. Many of her items are priced at hundreds of dollars, but did you know you can also get beautiful pieces for much less! This stunning gold pendant necklace is less than $40 and has an array if stone options.Snag this now! It certainly won’t last!her5
  4. Benefit Cosmetics Set: A woman can never have enough makeup. It’s physically impossible. I have so much fun testing out and enjoying different types of skin care and cosmetics. This set comes with 4 favorites to give you a sunkissed look, even in the middle of winter: the Porefessional primer, Hoola Bronzer, Sun Beam highlighter and Roller Lash mascara. It all comes in the cutest little makeup bag and all for under $40! her1
  5. Skylar Perfume: I have started using Skylar and have absolutely fallen in love with this company. To give you a little back history, when I was pregnant with my oldest (who is now 3 1/2), I developed a major sensitivity to perfumes. Any time I got the slightest whiff, it was a complete assault on my senses. My nose burned and my eyes watered. That being said, I definitely was not able to wear perfume, which was so disappointing. The sensitivity lessened, but never completely went away. I got to the point where I was OK if I smelled perfume on someone else, but I still couldn’t handle applying it to myself. Enter Skylar. Every one of their products is made free of allergens and chemicals, so they don’t upset my senses at all, yet smell sophisticated and downright amazing! Purchase a sample kit for $20, which includes all 6 of their scents. Once you have decided on the scent that suits you best, get $20 off a full size bottle! You can get 25% off sample palette by using THIS LINK.  her4

Gift Guide for Him.

  1. Man Card: How many times have you heard the men around you joke with each other “I will take away your man card” if someone does something not so manly? I heard this silly comment batted between my husband and his friends for years while we were dating. On our wedding day over 5 years ago, he gave each of his groomsmen their own ‘Man Card’ as well as some other gifts. To this day, if you ask any of them to show their man card, they whip this thing out of their wallets! It is the perfect size (the size of a credit card) and has the added benefit of being a bottle opener. This is less than $20 (including shipping) and makes the best stocking stuffer! him5
  2. SKIL Saw: One word: Powertools. This is probably #2 on the list of things that men get excited over (i’m sure y’all can figure out #1). I think powertools are to men what blankets and cosmetics are to women. They really can’t get enough. My husband likes to brag about all the things he has on hand. He can handle tasks as they arise, he doesn’t have to buy anything, he doesn’t have to ask for help. This SKIL circular saw is a must have for any good man’s garage, plus it’s under $50! If you are unsure what tools your man has, go now, poke around. If you don’t see this, add to cart! This is sure bring a smile ear to ear on Christmas morning. him4
  3. Yeti Rambler: The ladies get the Swig tumbler, the men need THIS! Yeti really started taking the country by storm a few years ago! I distinctly remember the Christmas of 2014. Everyone wanted Yeti cups and no one could get their hands on them! I have never seen a mass rush towards anything, like people wanted these cups. Yeti has become a lifestyle, a trademark. Get Yeti or get nothing. All then men in my life LOVE these classic Yeti Ramblers. They are perfect for sipping bourbon out of or hot coffee at the hunting camp. They are crazy durable and classically styled. Get him this $20 tumbler and a bottle of his favorite  bourbon and you have the perfect gift!    him3
  4. Tackle Box: If your man loves the great outdoors, he probably loves to fish. Everyone fisherman needs a quality tacklebox. My husband has had this Plano brand tacklebox at least as long as I have known him (11 years now). It is such great quality and has all the storage and compartments he desires! The stunning thing here is that this tackle box is less than $10! I know! Its hard to imagine that something so inexpensive can be such high quality, but I promise it is. If you really want to up the ante, fill it with lures, hooks and line. If you are unsure as to what he needs, a fun alternative would be to fill it with snacks and liquor minis!  him1
  5. Underwear: OK, maybe not the sexiest gift…or maybe it is…*wink wink*. But it is a fact, men are hard on some underwear! Good quality underwear is an absolute necessity for man. No one wants sweaty man bits or chafing. Gross. Just gross. Under Armour brand boxer briefs are sweat wicking and breathable. Perfect for both men that are active or men who prefer to keep their spot warm on the couch. No judgement here. Get this 3 pack for $40 and your man will feel so good, he may finally agree to dance with you at your NYE party! I can’t promise it will be good though. May the odds be ever in your favor.


That rounds up my list of 5 gifts for him and 5 gifts for her all under $50! What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below or give me a shout out on Instagram! I hope this list helps make your Christmas shopping at least a tad easier this year! For more gift inspo, check out the Holiday tab on my blog! I have gift guides for the homebody and the beauty addict as well.

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