Splurge vs Save – Summer 2019

One of my most popular blog posts to date has been the Splurge vs Save I shared last Fall. I totally get it! Who doesn’t like saving money? I told myself I would create one every season, but here we are going into Summer and I haven’t done another yet. That ends today! I have rounded up some fabulous finds for Summer. Its totally up to you if you want to splurge on designer brands or save money with some fabulous dupes!


These are so fun for Spring and Summer! Woven hats and bags are all the rage right now, so why not shoes? These are both seriously so cute!


Splurge – Dolce Vita Mules $100                                                       Save – Target Mules $25

The Chloe bags are such a cult classic and are highly coveted, but with that $1200 price tag, they are out of reach for most people. Enter this amazing dupe for 1/22 the price. WIN!


Splurge – Chloe Faye Bag $1200                                                         Save – Chloe Dupe $55

I seriously love the styling of these studded sandals. They are so darn cute and can easily be dressed up or down. Those dupes are a steal at only $55!


Splurge – Valentino Studded Block Heel $1150                         Save – Comfity Dupe $55

How stinking cute are these heart shaped frames. They add a fun vibe to any look and are perfect for the music festival scene or just a day at the beach. You can snag that amazing save option for only $10!


Splurge – Saint Laurent Sunglasses $420                               Save – Heart Sunglasses $10

These Tory Burch sandals are all the rage in the Spring and Summer and have been holding strong for years now. That $200 price tag can be a tough pill to swallow for some though, but those Sam Edelman’s are pretty darn cute themselves and only $30!


Splurge – Tory Burch Sandals $200                                              Save – Sam Edelman $30

Only difference between these two? One is solid gold, the other is gold plated steel. Oh and the $6280 difference in price.


Splurge – Cartier Bracelet $6300                                                      Save – Love Bracelet $22

The Neverfull is such a classic. A designer handbag that fits all your stuff? Yes please! Unfortunately, $1300 is too far out of the price range of many. That’s why I love this great dupe that is under $40 AND comes with a matching pouch wallet.


Splurge – Neverfull MM $1320                                                    Save – Neverfull Dupe $38

These Golden Goose sneakers have taken over social media lately. They come in a load of styles, but the leopard has definitely been the most popular. I found these amazing dupes for under $40 and i’m on love!


Splurge – Golden Goose Sneaks $550                                       Save – Leopard Sneaks – $39

Bamboo Handbags are all the rage this summer. They are just so cute and add a fun vibe to any outfit! I literally get compliments EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I carry my $40 version of this trendy bag!


Splurge – Cult Gaia $168                                                                   Save – Bamboo Bag $44


These  both pairs of these earrings make a stunning statement! One pair costs $150 less than the other though!

Splurge – Lily Earrings $168                                                             Save – Flower Drop $15

I hope y’all loved this round-up! Be sure to leave your comments in the box below or reach out to me on Instagram! If you take any of my suggestions, tag me in a photo on Instagram for the chance to be shared in my stories!


XOXO, Cortney

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  1. I think you went through my wish list and just put everything down! Literally want each piece! What a great post, gf!

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