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Gift Guide for the Fashionista

This gift guide is a round up of the most shared, most talked about and most coveted pieces by the fashion obsessed this past year! Get these pieces for the fashionista in your life! A lot of them are on sale trough Cyber Monday, so check them out!

fashionista gift guide

  1. Spanx Leggings:Spanx Leggings: If you want a nice, well structured pair of leggings that can  be dressed up or down, these are a MUST for you! They are such great quality and make your booty look amazing! I know people that have more than one pair so they can always have one to wear even if others are in the wash. Thats dedication. Every blogger, it seems, loves to wear and promote these. They are seriously amazing!
  2. UO Hat: A good quality wide brimmed hat should be in every girl’s arsenal. This one comes in several colors and is incredibly well structured. Great finish to an outfit and covers up bad hair days at the same time? Win win!
  3. Name Necklace: This is another item it seems every blogger seems to wear! I love how small and classy it is. You can customize it with your name, initials, special date, coordinates, nickname, etc. I personally would love one that simply says MAMA. It comes in 3 finishes and has excellent reviews.
  4. Bracelet Wrap: These would seriously make the best gift! These bracelet wraps come in so many different colors and styles to match every look and they are so easy to toss on and go for that fab arm party!
  5. Tory Burch Purse: Every girl loves and wants a good designer purse. And smaller crossbodies are the rage right now. I love the classic look of this pretty Tory Burch handbag. It will make some girl VERY happy to have under the tree on Christmas Day.
  6. Kendra Scott Earrings: Kendra Scott is iconic in the jewelry world and her pieces can instantly be recognized as true. My favorites are these earrings and the matching necklace. This would be such a perfect gift!
  7. Tory Burch Sandals: Summer essentials right here! I have been wanting these for years and never pulled the trigger for myself thanks to the $200 price tag, but dang I want them and would be so happy to get them as a gift! These have been favorites for years and I don’t see the want for them dying down any time soon.
  8. Gucci Belt:These belts have become such a cult classic and statement piece. They instantly jazz up an outfit and have sparked the onslaught of many dupes (honestlly of which I own). I, and any other fashion lover, would be absolutely thrilled to get these for Christmas.
  9. Golden Goose Dupes: This is the only dupe on the list, but with the original Golden Gooses going for over $500, I figured it was warranted! Its the look that is the go to here, and these from Shop Red Dress nail it! They come in several other colors, but are selling out fast!
  10. Pearl Headband Set: Such a cute addition to a preppy look! I’ve really been getting into headbands lately!  They are a fun way to accessorize and they help calm hair when its getting out of control. This 3 pack of pearl headbands would be a great stocking stuffer!
  11. Goodnight Macaroon Boots: These are probably the most coveted boots of the season for the last 2 years! The color is gorgeous and the fit is perfect. They honestly fit everyone, whether they have thick or thin thighs. And thanks to the block heel, they are uber comfy! Get them now 30% off with code GIVING30

I hope you loved this gift guide! Be sure to check out my others and stay tuned for more to come!

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