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  1. Bourbon Decanter Set: Nearly every man I know drinks bourbon, so this is the perfect gift idea. Supposedly bourbon tastes better poured out of a decanter? I don’t know. But I do know that this set would look much better on a bar than a bottle and mismatched glasses.
  2. Rifle Scope: This is a great gift idea for a hunter. This particular scope is a top seller and should fit a lot of different rifles.
  3. Citizen Watch:Every man needs a nice watch and I love the styling of this. My husband and I both have eco-drive watches and we love that they don’t require batteries! They are all movement driven. So very cool!
  4. Columbia PFG Shirt: A staple in the southern man’s closet and a favorite of outdoorsmen everywhere. They are comfortable and look nice as well. Plus they come in so many different colors!
  5. Personalized Dopp Kit: A great idea for the traveler. My husband is always on the road and always has his dopp kit with him. At home it stays stocked and ready to go. Men need a good dopp kit just like we need makeup bags.
  6. Man Crate:I got my husband one of these for Valentine’s Day a few years back and it was such a fun gift I really need to do it again! They have so many different varieties of crates and they come in a lot of price points as well.
  7. Yeti Mug: Gotta love anything Yeti! They have become such a major brand. These mugs are durable and attractive looking. They will keep a drink hot or cold for hours and are perfect for the campsite or at home.
  8. Apple Air Pods and Carbon Fiber Case: Two gifts in one. My husband got the air pods for himself about a month ago and uses them constantly. We purchased the carbon fiber case recently and he loves it. Such a nice design and much more manly that that plain white case (and it protects it too!).
  9. Hunting Knife: Another staple for the hunting man in your life. This is great to fold up and keep in his pocket to use on hunting trips. Very highly rated knife.
  10. Personalized Golf Balls: Golfers always need balls. Always. Unless they are ridiculously good and can always keep up with them, but even then. They still need to get replaced once in a while. Golf balls are a great gift idea or stocking stuffer.
  11. Bourbon Ice Ball Molds: Does your man like his bourbon neat or on ice? If its the latter, then he definitely needs this ice ball maker. The balls melt slowly so they don’t ruin the bourbon and they allow for a smooth sip as the bourbon flows over the ball. These are a must in our household.
  12. Tommy John Underwear: My husband asked for this. It was the first thing on his list.  But really, men need good underwear. And finding a pair that doesn’t chafe, ride up, fall too low, cut in at the waist, etc. can be difficult. This particular design is also nice when they have to pull their junk out to pee. Ergonomic.
  13. Yeti Cooler: This would make any man happy on Christmas Day! Perfect for parties at home, tailgates, the  boat, camping. Seriously, the uses are endless. We actually have 2 Yeti coolers and love them. Keeps everything cold all day long. Even at the beach when we are opening and closing it all day. Still full of ice and everything is still cold.

I hope you loved this gift guide for men! There will be more for the guys to come, but in the meantime be sure to check out my other available guides!

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