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Shops That Donate to Covid-19

Over the past few weeks, I have been working with several stores that are using this time to give back a portion of their proceeds or free items to aid in the fight against Covid-19. I decided to compile a list of those shops and also let you know exactly how they are working to give back to our communities. This is a great opportunity to do something for yourself during this crazy time, while also paying it forward and giving back to those in need!

liquid iv

  1. Liquid IV: I absolutely love their products! Their hydration multiplier is my absolute favorite. It gives you a full serving of vitamin C, as well as your B vitamins and electrolytes. Drinking one hydration multiplier is the equivalent of drinking 3 bottles of water! I can definitely feel the difference in my energy levels and focus when I consume this product. If you use my code TALESOFASOUTHERNBELLE, you can get 20% off your order plus free shipping AND for every package you order, sticks are being sent to our health care workers! Over 200,000 have been donated so far!


2. The Mint Julep Boutique: They have designed the cutest HOMEGIRL tee that they are selling with 100% of the proceeds going to provide meals to healthcare workers in our local hospitals! The tee is crazy comfortable and comes in 4 colors, so it is something you will definitely want to wear on repeat and know each time you do, that you helped support our health heroes in the fight against Covid-19.


3. Maho Shades: This is a company located right here in south Alabama! They have high quality and stylish sunglasses at great prices. Now they have lowered their prices even more, down to $95 for all of their frames and they are donating 2% of sales to those affected by Covid-19.


4. Kendra Scott: They are currently donating 50% of the proceeds on the sale of their beautiful Everlyne Friendship bracelets to Feeding America. The donation from the sale of just one bracelet will provide 200 meals!


If you know of any other businesses giving back, please let me know! This is the perfect time for us all to come together to support our communities.

Thanks so much for reading!



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