Morning and Night Skin Care Routine for Women in their 30s

When I hit my 30s, my skin starting experiencing a whole new level of problems. Not only was a dealing with the acne from my 20s, but I was also starting to show the signs of aging such as fine lines, large pores and uneven skin texture. Ugh. My current skin care routine obviously wasn’t working for me, so I began researching other products, reading reviews, etc., to figure out a new system. I tested out so many products! Some I knew immediately I did not like, others took a while for me to figure out how I felt, and the last of them I fell in love immediately with.

I wanted to share this with you, because its more than likely there are a lot of other women out there dealing with the same skin issues. I also want to add that most of these products aren’t cheap (at least by my standards). You can save 15% on the Tula products using code SOUTHERNBELL, so keep that in mind! I tried all the drugstore items first: Cera Ve, Neutrogena, Cetaphil, Alba Botanical, Simple, you name it. I use the products I use BECAUSE THEY WORK. End of story. Period. I definitely challenge you to give these a try if you need a change in your skin care!


Step 1: Clinque Take the Day Off Balm


Taking your makeup off first is such a crucial step! It allows your face wash to do its job, which is to cleanse the face! If you don’t remove your makeup first, all your face washing does is that. So your face isn’t cleansed. Does that make sense? I have even tried “double washing”, but could still use a toner after and remove extra dirt and makeup. That doesn’t happen with this cleansing balm! On the note of the balm, I have tried making removing wipes and liquid makeup removers that you use with a cotton pad, and they both felt so harsh! It also felt like their was a residue left on my face! I absolutely love this balm, because it feels so gentle and luxurious on my skin!

Step 2: Tula Purifying Face Wash


True story. The first time I used this face wash, I thought I was going to hate it. It had a very basic smell and didn’t really foam, so it felt like it wasn’t doing anything. But, in the end, my face was left very clean and not stripped at all. I did some research and found out that a lot of foaming products have different additives that cause the foam to make you feel like your face is getting clean, but in reality is doing nothing and is actually stripping your skin of the oils it needs. This face wash is gentle and pure and leaves my skin feeling so refreshed! It definitely has become the “Cult Classic” they say!

Step 3: Overnight Retinol Oil


I fell in love with this product overnight! The very first time I used it, I saw a difference in the overall appearance of my skin! It was GLOWING! And my pores were also visibly smaller! It is seriously so good! It feels amazing on my skin and absorbs quickly. If you are over 30, you definitely need a retinol product and this is a great one to start with!

Step 4: Tula 24-7 Moisturizer


This is such a great basic moisturizer. It is ultra hydrating, but absorbs well and does not leave your skin feeling greasy. I love that it also doesn’t break me out, as a lot of moisturizers I have tried do! I use it morning and night!

Step 5: Clinique All About Eyes Cream


This is such a great all around eye cream! It helps fight fine lines, depuffs, and brightens dark circles. Literally all the under eye problems you could have! I prefer this rich formula, because it is more moisturizing, but you can also find the original HERE. I saw a difference in my undereye area after one use, but really started seeing a huge difference after about 3 weeks. Definitely recommend this product!

Step 6: Plush Party Lip Mask


If you have dry lips or are starting to see fine lines in them, then you definitely need a good lip mask! This was sent to me in a PR package and I fell in love with it! I used to have really dry lips that cracked constantly, and this has become a total game changer.





Step 1: Tula Face Wash


I use this in the morning to cleanse my face and prep it for my morning skin care and makeup! It is the best first step!

Step 2: Vitamin C Serum


This is such a great serum! It not only has Vitamin C, but also different acids and plant stem cells to boost skin appearance and brighten dull spots. I have also seen a huge difference in my old acne scars. This is one of the most affordable products too! Its under $20 and has amazing reviews! I’m so obsessed with this product!

Step 3: Tula 24-7 Moisturizer


Once again with this amazing moisturizer! It leaves my skin soft and supple and prepped for makeup! I definitely see my makeup going on smoother when I use this product! So good!

Step 4: Tula Rose Glow Eye Balm


This product was just released last year, but has skyrocketed in popularity! It is so dang good! I love applying this in the morning, because it has a cooling sensation that feels so refreshing and the glow it leaves makes you appear that you have had a full night sleep, even when you haven’t. It really helps to blur out any appearance of dark undereye and fine lines (plus is helps to fight them as well). I have even used it as a highlighter. Such a great all around product!

Step 5: Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen


I received this product as part of a collab last summer and have continued to purchase it with my own money! I love the way it makes my skin look and it is so important to wear SPF every day! This particular variety is good for people who’s skin is prone to acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. I have a lot of redness in my skin, and this helps to reduce that immediately (and works on it long term). I also love that it is tinted, which gives you the slightest bit of coverage and helps me to feel confident going without makeup!

Step 6: Glow Easy Vitamin C Oil


I keep this on while applying my makeup, or on makeup free days, just leave it on all day. It nourishes your lips and makes them feel silky smooth. It also gives a touch of pretty color and shine.


  1. Tula 10% Glycolic acid Toner


This toner packs a punch! Its great if you have really uneven skin texture and tone. I use it twice a week (the nights before I plan to apply my sunless tanner) for a bit of exfoliation. It works, while also being gentle, and doesn’t leave my skin red like a lot of toners do. I would use it more often, but while doing so I cannot keep sunless tanner on my face. Its a balancing act for me.

2. Pixi Rose Ceramide Creme


I use this product twice weekly (the night AFTER I apply my sunless tanner) as a skin boosting mask. It is ultra hydrating and I wake up the next morning with the most gorgeous glow! It makes my skin look SO healthy! I would put this on at least an hour before going to bed, so it has some time to absorb.

3. Origins Charcoal Mask


I have used this for years to deeply purify my pores! It is perfect if you have been less than kind to your skin. I use it on days after I have fallen asleep without washing off my makeup, a huge no-no! It deep cleans and restarts my skin. It also makes the best spot treatment! I hardly get spots anymore after following this routine, but it does happen occasionally. When I see a pimple start to develop, I dab this on after my nightly skin care and go to bed! The next morning the pimple is nearly or completely gone!


And that’t it! Have you tried any of these products before? I would love to hear about it! Let me know in the comment box below or send me a DM on Instagram!

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