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My mom surprised us last night by offering to take the boys. My hubby and I were way over due for a date night and I honestly can’t even remember the last time we went out just the two of us. As much as we both adore our boys, we were incredibly excited for the time to ourselves. We scurried around getting their overnight bag together and chasing down kids to give them their good byes. We loaded them up in my mom’s car and off they went. The house was left silent and still. My husband and I sat down and looked at each other and said “so what now?’.

Has anyone else ever been in this position? You get so used to life revolving around your kids, it’s easy to forget how to do things when they aren’t around. After much debate and pondering, we settled on a casual dinner at a local barbecue joint we have both been wanting to try. I poured myself a drink and ran a bath. I thoroughly enjoyed that time to myself to relax, undisturbed, in the bath. It was also a rare occurrence to put on my make-up and do my hair without the necessity to stop every 30 seconds to mediate something. I had almost forgotten how to do that!

Then came my favorite part: picking out an outfit! It was a bit chilly that night, but I also knew my husband would love to see me in a dress for date night, so figuring out what to wear was a bit of a challenge. I settled on a comfy, black swing dress that I layered with the gorgeous green cardigan I introduced y’all to a few posts back. I liked the combo, but both the dress and the cardigan were a bit loose and my outfit didn’t feel quite put together. That’s when I added on my faux Gucci belt to cinch my waist. Once that was on, I still felt the outfit needed a little oomph, so a fun leopard print scarf was the perfect final touch! I threw on my faux suede, camel knee high boots and I was ready to go!

date night 2

I’m glad I grabbed a quick mirror selfie before we left, because once we were there all my focus was on stuffing my face with brisket! Yum yum!! I also had some texican corn, which is basically yellow corn topped with queso cheese and southwest spices (it was so good!). We shared an appetizer of fried jalapenos and fried pickles. It’s hard to go wrong with that combo!

We did try to get some photos after we left, but sorry guys. We still need to work on our photography skills! I still wanted to write this post to share with you this outfit, because from top to toe its all less than $100!! How can you go wrong with a full date night look for less than $100? You can’t! The dress, cardigan and belt all came from Amazon. The boots were a Just Fab find for $10 and the scarf was a boutique find, but  I will link similar items up below for y’all! How do you get ready for date night? Let me know in the comments below!

date night 1

Dress | Cardigan | Belt | Boots | Scarf

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