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Fall is definitely in full swing! The leaves are changing color, the pumpkin spice is flowing and boots and scarves have been out in full force! I’m obsessed with Fall, maybe a little too much, but hey! I can handle #basic being thrown at me every now again. Fall just makes me feel GOOD! I love the drop in temps (and bugs, thank the Lord) and I love the smells, the colors, the activities. It all makes me feel warm and cozy inside and I think that’s a pretty darn good excuse to call it an obsession! I decided why not celebrate Fall and line up some must haves to celebrate the season! Also, there’s no reason to put a hefty price tag on this most perfect of times, so why not keep everything under $25!? Oh yes, Fall can definitely be done right for not a lot of dough! Everything I listed is available on Amazon for less than $25! Many of these items I already own and some I just added to cart, but every one is guaranteed to help you get in the Autumn spirit!

Lets start with the clothing staples:

amazon 12

Every girls’ Fall closet needs a cozy pullover for those chilly mornings and casual days! I am in love with this white sherpa pullover! The gray contrast really makes it stand out and it pairs well with both leggings and jeans! Throw your hair up in a bun and grab your coffee and you are good to go!

amazon 6

Now, y’all have already seen a couple Instagram posts featuring this adorable cardigan. I love the length and the gorgeous green color (though it comes in 5 more)! The fabric is so soft and it keeps me warm without being TOO hot. It is also insanely versatile. I have paired it with jeans as well as a dress, but it can also be paired with cute denim cut offs or a skirt and booties! The possibilities are definitely endless with this one, making it a Fall staple.

amazon 10

Next stop: leggings! How stunning are these faux leather leggings? They are HOT HOT HOT! I would pair these with an oversized sweater or tunic. They definitely have the sole ability to transform an outfit! Or you pair them with a black off the shoulder tee and black heels and presto Sandy costume….I may or may not be doing this. Either way, they are gorgeous and a must have!

amazon 11

Speaking of tunics, I love this one! It is loose without being too baggy and covers just enough! Wear it with those faux leather leggings or pair with jeans. Add a scarf or a vest. This can be dressed up or down and again its versatility makes it a major Fall staple.

Moving on now to Accessories:

amazon 1

Y’all saw me wear my blanket scarf as a shawl a few posts back, but its also great as a…umm, scarf! Blanket scarves rose in popularity a few years back and they have been a constant in Fall fashion ever since. Blanket scarves are cozy, warm and definitely add oomph to any outfit. I personally have them in a few different colors to match any outfit. They are the perfect addition to any Fall wardrobe, so make sure you get yours!

amazon 7

Top off the look with a perfectly gorgeous hat! I introduced y’all to this wool hat in my first ever Amazon haul try on and I received high reviews for it! This hat is definitely beautiful with its camel color and bow detail on the side. Wear it to give your outfit the final touch or to assist with a not so great hair day! I have been so pleased with this purchase!

amazon 2

Cinch your perfect Fall look with this stunning Hermes dupe belt! I am IN LOVE with the warm colors. This belt is gorgeous ran through your jeans or tied at the waist of a dress. It definitely gives your outfit a wow factor! I’ve been wearing my Gucci dupe belt so much, I can’t wait to add this one to the rotation!

amazon 5

The best Fall looks need the best booties! I love the styling of these adorable brown booties. The heel isn’t too high, keeping them comfortable and versatile to wear with various outfits. They can be paired with cuffed jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses. Their fun versatility makes them the wedge sandals of Fall, so yes, everyone needs at least 1 pair!

amazon 9

Backpack handbags are starting to blow up in popularity! I am seeing them more this Fall than ever before. They come in all sizes and styles, but I feel simple is best with this trend. I don’t want any memories of my middle school back pack coming to mind! I love the beautiful warm leather of this bag and its sleek styling! This bag can easily meld with any Fall Outfit you have put together! If you love the backpack trend, start here!

The final touches:

amazon 3

The answer to the “what do I do with my hands” question is here in the form of an adorable travel mug! Mama needs coffee ALL. THE. TIME. so I found this mug perfectly fitting! Plus that rose gold lid is perfection! So add to cart? Most definitely!

amazon 8

Considering how often our phones are seen these days, we can’t leave them out of the Fall fun! Leopard print is always a good idea, especially on phone cases! I’m obsessed with this one for less than $10!!

amazon 4

Finish off your perfect Fall day with the scents of a perfect Fall candle. Or just sniff it all day while you are at your desk…because that’s not weird at all, right? Pumpkin spice and all things nice! That’s what Fall is made of. : )

Final Round Up:

Fall Amazon List

Booties | Candle | Phone Case | Tunic | Hat | Cardigan | Travel Mug

Backpack |Scarf | Belt | Pullover | Leggings

I hope you love this Fall line-up as much as I do! Let me know in the comments below you’re favorite things about Fall! You can also tag me on Instagram @talesofasouthernbelle.

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