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If any of my family or friends are wondering what to get me, I would say this is a good place to start! Hint Hint Wink Wink! While I enjoy going out on the town, many of my favorite moments are spent cozied up at home with my family. I you or anyone you know is the same, look no further than this gift guide filled with those perfect warm touches that would make any homebody smile ear to ear.

I don’t feel any of these gift guides require a big introduction, so lets get straight to the good stuff!

Gift #1: An Amazon Prime Membership! Y’all hear me out here…. What’s better for a homebody, than being able to order everything they need straight from their couch? The free 2-day shipping, discounted items and free streaming service are all just extra perks on top of that. The Prime Membership even includes unlimited photo backup storage, a discount on Amazon music, free reading library with Kindle and, in some areas, same day delivery and restaurant delivery! Wha whaaaaat! Yes, a homebodies dream. I actually got the Prime Membership for my brother last year for Christmas as he was moving into a new apartment. I think he really questioned my gift giving skills at first, but after a couple times of easy ordering and watching a TV service he didn’t have to pay for, he was hooked! This is seriously a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving for an entire year!


Prime Membership

Gift #2: A cozy throw. This should be a no brainer. If ever you don’t know what to get me, get a blanket! I already have maybe a dozen but who cares? No big deal. I want moooooorrre. (Please tell me you got that reference.) I’m tagging two amazing options below that are SO soft and also completely stylish to match all decor. Plus they are both under $25, making them affordable gift options as well!

Throw with Pom Poms | Faux Fur Throw

Gift #3: Bath Bombs. You don’t have to be a homebody to love a nice hot bath, but the two definitely go hand in hand. Give your loved ones the gift of relaxation with these extra large, vegan bath bombs. They smell SO GOOD and give a fully immersive relaxing experience. The entire pack of 12 is less than $25!


Bath Bombs

Gift #4: Scented Candles. I can’t get enough scented candles. Love them. Love them. Love them. My absolute favorite scent combo of all time (for lotions, perfumes, cake, anything) is Vanilla Coconut! That makes this delectable candle high on my list! Plus the gorgeous styling on the tin would make it look so good sitting on my bath tub or night stand. If your friend is anything like me as well, after the candle is used up, it will be perfect to re-use in the house, maybe for cotton balls in the bath tub or to plants herbs in to keep in the kitchen. This adorable candle is only $10!


Vanilla Coconut Scented Candle

Gift #4: I mentioned above with the Prime Membership, that free Kindle E-books are in included, sooooo you need a Kindle! When e-readers originally came out, I was quite skeptical. I loved my paperback books and figured I would never want to replace them. After a couple years and my life getting busier, I definitely saw the benefit of having an unlimited supply of books right at my fingertips. I received a Kindle for Christmas almost 4 years ago now, and haven’t looked back. It is one of the best gifts I have ever been given. This is one of the pricier gifts on my list at $80, but sure to be a winner! You could also up the ante on this one by also gifting them Kindle Unlimited. This addition puts hundreds of thousands if additional titles at their fingertips every day!


Amazon Kindle | Kindle Unlimited

Gift #5: A beautiful mug. A homebody is sure to love their tea or coffee out of a beautiful keepsake mug. This one in particular is customized with their initial and looks beautiful with classic winter decor. It makes the most perfect gift and the price just got reduced to $15!


Plaid Initial Mug

Gift #6: Tea. When giving a mug, a nice assortment of tea is a perfect compliment. I love having an assortment of teas to suit my mood. This set comes in a beautiful tin packaging and includes 4 flavors. At only $7, it is the perfect addition to any homebody’s gift.


Assorted Tea Tins

Gift #7: Cozy PJs. Ummm, yes, a must! PJs aren’t just for sleeping, people! Whether you like a soft sleep shirt or thermal longjohns, I have 2 choices for your PJ needs. Both sets are under $40 and the night shirt even comes with a matching blanket! Score!


Henley Pajamas | Pajama Dress w/ Blanket

Gift #8: Slippers. Both of these options were just super cute and sooooo cozy that I couldn’t choose! Slippers are another DUH item on your homebody gift list and both of these options are under $20!

Faux Fur Cable Knit Slippers | Jessica Simpson Faux Fur Slippers

Gift #9: A Decorative Wine Rack. I love this beautiful gold geometric wine rack. It has such a contemporary design, but is also classic enough to match any decor. It is perfect for your counter top or bar cart. This one is under $40!


Gold Wine Rack

Gift #10: A cozy scarf. This cute scarf goes with absolutely everything! You can’t go wrong with a good neutral! It has great length which lends itself to having major versatility in styling. At less than $10, this is a winner as far as price point goes too!


Khaki Scarf

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