Workout Styles to Keep You Motivated!

I wanna get physical…PHYSICAL! Haha, too much? I don’t know about y’all, but I feel that when I look better, I’m more willing to workout and put more effort into it doing so. I love me some good athletic wear and not just for working out. I will sport my cute athleisure to the grocery store or the park with the kiddos. No shame here. : )

I like workout clothes with good support and hold as well as stretch. Plus I like the styling to be on point too. I will be sharing my favorite brands and some new have-to-have finds in this blog post today! You will be looking cute and ready to hit the gym (or the couch) in no time!

  1. Fabletics: This is probably what y’all see me wear the most. I love how easy it is to find exactly what I am looking for! They have such a wide range of styles, fits and sizes that is is practically impossible to NOT find something you like. I also love that with their VIP program, you DO NOT have to purchase something every month. They send you an email and you have a few days to decide to purchase or skip the month (and not get charged!) I like to hang around until they have one of their amazing sales, usually about 60% off. Then I stock up on leggings, tops and sports bras for next to nothing cost wise! Its a total win. I highly recommend signing up for their VIP program if you aren’t a member already. You can do that here.


  2. Target: They have really gotten some crazy cute styles in lately and it is hard to beat their prices! I’m loving their terry joggers as well as their printed workout leggings. Target also has some really nice tops and sports bras as well. I definitely suggest checking them out the next time you make your Target run. 

  3. Dick’s Sporting Goods: I love this store because they carry such a wide variety of brands: Nike, Adidas, Calia by Carrie and Under Armour just to name a few. They also have some crazy good sales! Its nice to be able to go in and try on different fits and styles if you are unsure what you are looking for. 


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