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Cute Classroom Valentine’s Day Ideas

I was picking out Valentines for my son’s class and went down the Etsy rabbit hole FAST! You absolutely cannot go wrong with Etsy for cute printables! I get all my birthday invitations and tags from them and now cute Valentine’s labels. They are so inexpensive as well. Spend just a few dollars on the file, print them at home, and attach to your gift! So easy, and CUTE!

Here are some of my favorites I found!

1. You’re Awesome-Sauce Valentine! Just attach to a pouch of apple sauce and done!val2

2. I do-nut know what I would do without a friend like you: Attach a pack of pre-packaged donuts from the grocery store or get some pretty pink iced ones from your local bakery and individually wrap them! val3

3.  Yoda Best! How stinking cute are these with the glow stick? You can get a pack of 10-12 from Dollar Tree, so these are super affordable as well! You can also find them HERE. val4

4. I’m wild about you, Valentine!Attach this label to some animal crackers or an animal themed toy!val5

5. Have a poppin’ Day! Attach to a bag of microwave popcorn or a bag of pre-packaged gourmet popcorn!val6

6. We Mermaid to be friends: So precious for the little mermaid lover! These are specifically made for juice pouches, but you can definitely get creative.val7

7. I’m Beary Happy we’re friends! Attach to some yummy gummy bears or a little stuffed bear plush!val8

8. You’re a-doh-able Valentine! What kid doesn’t love playdough? Get a 15 pack for only $5 HERE!val9

9. I dig you Valentine! I thought this was fun and creative with the little shovels! Especially if you live in an area near the beach! Add whatever goodies you want to the bag!val10

10. You’re Dino-mite! I have a couple dinosaur obsessed boys (it will be my soon to be 5 year old’s party theme this year) and so I thought this idea was absolutely adorable! Get a pack of little dinos super cheap and you are good to go!



Now we can’t forget our teachers! They deserve some love on Valentine’s Day too! Especially after all they do for our littles. I grabbed a few ideas for them (gift cards are always a good idea) and rounded them up here.


1. Thank you for being an Amazing teacher: The card says it all and the gift card is certainly appreciated by teachers. teach2

2. Thank you a Latte! This is just so adorable and perfect for the coffee lover!teach4

3. You are hands down the best teacher! Teachers this time of year I don’t think can get enough hand sanitizer. Its still flu season, y’all! This gift is both cute and thoughtful. teach1

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