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15 Stocking Stuffers under $15 for Him

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  1. Ov Gloves: My husband got these as a gift about 7 years ago and we still use them every day. They are perfect for the oven or grill, mega durable and machine washable.
  2. O’Keefes Working Hands: The is the perfect gift for the man that works with his hands.
  3. Poopouri: Just great to have around. And it really works!
  4. Harry’s Shave kit: This is such a great razor! I stole it constantly to use for myself. Plus that after shave balm is amazing!!
  5. Dad Jokes Book: This just seems hilarious! We all know THAT dad!
  6. Jack Links Beef Sticks: My husband keeps these in his truck for snacks on the go. They are so convenient!
  7. Tabasco Keychain: Ok, I love this. My hubby is a Tabasco ADDICT! And honestly so am I. We both hate going places and they don’t have Tabasco. Problem solved!
  8. Sneaker Balls: Great for someone who regularly hits the gym, plays sports or has to work outside in boots. Pop these in your shoes and no more odor!
  9. Tactical knife: Just a must have for every guy. And Smith and Wesson is such a good brand!
  10. Sunglass Cleaner: This is a 2pack, so you can keep a set at home and a set in the car. My husband is crazy OCD about keeping his sunglasses clean, so this is perfect.
  11. Tie Clips: Such a nice accessory, especially if your man wears ties for work or church.
  12. Dress Socks: Again, just something every man needs to have. And something men feel good to have, even if they don’t buy them for themselves.
  13. Whiskey Stones:They keep your drink cold without watering down the bourbon. Plus they are pretty cool!
  14. Bear Claws: For the grillmaster in your life! These awesome claws shred apart meat straight off the smoker!
  15. Coffee Mug:Coffee Mug:27,000 5 star reviews don’t lie. This mug is amazing! Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold all day!

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