Styling 2 Piece Set

I just got in the most adorable 2pc set from Amazon (which comes in at a whopping $17) and I just couldn’t wait to style it. 2pc sets are so versatile because they are essentially 2 items in 1! You can pair them together or mix and match the pieces! And the are REALLY coming back in style! I am seeing them everywhere! So hop on the train now and snag these cute pieces for a great deal (and know how to style it)!

Option 1: Dress it for vacay! I styled it here with a cute panama hat and sandals (just missing the bamboo bag), this is perfect for the beach and vacation!

Option 2: Dress it casually! Add a pair of comfy sneakers and a ball cap, you can toss on a denim jacket for an easy vibe. I love this look for an afternoon of shopping or even a day at the ball park!

Option 3: Keep the skirt and add a tee or even a sweater! I added a comfy tee here with a little front knot. This is great for lunch or a summer outing. You can also pair it with a slouchy sweater and booties for an early fall look!

Option 4: Keep the top and add different bottoms. Now depending on you waist length and the rise of your jeans, you can show a little stomach or a lot of stomach. I’m long waisted, but opted for some high waisted jeans for balance. This would also look so cute with some distressed mom jeans!

Option 5: Add a denim jacket for more modesty. I get if you don’t want to show a lot of stomach. I’m a mom, its not my go to look! If you want to be a little more modest, but still feel sexy, then toss on a jacket! It really helps balance out the look and will only show a little skin!

I hope y’all loved this outfit round-up! I will attach the links to shop this post below!

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