Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips

Its that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is back July 11th – August 6th! You can begin previewing the sale items on July 3rd!

Why does this sale get so much hype? Well unlike traditional sales that only occur at the end of a season (right as the new stuff is about to come out), the Nordstrom sale features NEW SEASON items! You can shop the hottest trends for Fall in advance and on sale! How awesome is that?!

They are making a few changes this year, which I will address in a minute, that I am really excited for. Last year’s sale got a bad rep for things selling out way too quickly, before public access even began. This year they a shortening the dates per tier to give everyone that isn’t an icon (meaning they spend $15000 a year plus shopping at Nordstrom) a better chance at scoring the items they want!

Shopping Dates:

See the below chart for shopping dates. This sale gives Nordstrom cardholders first chances to shop.

Changes to expect:

  1. Shopping will begin at 3am EST/ 12am PST each day.

2. Each early access periods will last 2 days.

3. There will be DAILY DROPS of a featured sale item each day of the sale, so check back daily just in case there is something you will want!

4. (This one is big): You will have the ability to add sold out items to your wishlists and add backordered items to your cart. That way if an item comes back in stock, you can be notified and snag it immediately. This was not the case last year!

Tips for shopping the sale:

  1. The sale preview is already open, so you can start creating your wish lists now! That will save you so much time during the checkout process. Items go QUICK, so take every shortcut you can! The day your access tier opens, head straight to the site, add items from your wish list to your cart then check out ASAP! See the preview items here: Anniversary Sale
  2. Set a timer on your phone as a reminder to shop the sale! As I said before, the sale opens up at 3am EST, so make sure you are setting your alarm for early that morning so you have a better chance of grabbing the items you want.
  3. This one is controversial, but tip #3 is to open up at Nordstrom credit card. This is a sale that shows preference to their cardholders, so opening up a Nordstrom card will give you earlier access to the sale. If you are approved, you will get a $60 bonus note to use to shop the sale! That’s a nice savings! Just remember to only spend what you can afford in cash, and pay off your balance right after! You can sign up here: Nordstrom Card

What happens if you don’t like your purchase or it doesn’t fit?

Nordstrom offers free returns, so you will not have to pay anything extra! Just use the pre-paid label and stick it back in your mailbox. So easy!

What happens if an item I want is sold out?

Don’t stress! Keep that item in your wish list and look out for returns. They do happen! Also, you will see a lot of look-a-like items being sold through other stores like Amazon ( I share a lot of them in my LTK shop), so that’s a great way to pick up styles for less!

Final thoughts:

This Nsale can be really exciting and fun to shop, but you definitely don’t NEED anything that is on sale. Make a list of the things you really want and that you can afford and stick to that list. Sales like this are supposed to help your pocket book, not hurt it!

You can check out all my my top sale picks here!

Thanks for reading!

XOXO, Cortney

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